El dorado

I was just in the el dorado event and the tower keeps going offline. During this I experienced a plane landing as I was taking off which was grade 5 and a plane sped up and took of before me which was also holding short which had arrived after me on the other hold short line.
Anyone experiencing similar problems?

Sorry, could not tell you. Probably just problems with the server. Maybe you were having bad connection.

It’s most likely a issue with connection. Make sure to check your network is stable. You mentioned it is a event? The ‘Lagging’ May be due to a large amount of aircraft in one spot. If either is the case just wait it out both will eventually improve!

No sorry I may have you confused. The controller was lagging and the ATC was turning to a Unicom every few minutes and that is where the problems occurred,

That’s probably the same as what i said above. The Controller or you may of have network issues or it could just be too many aircraft in one spot making the server unstable.

Ok also did you experience any planes in between lag outs doing unacceptable things such as I was holding short and was holding short for a while and later on a grade 4 user came and was parallel on the hold short on runway 13L and then quickly sped up to cut in front. Also the plane before me also had a plane landing on the runway as he was taking off and he tried to quickly rotate.

If this was on Expert Server i recommend messaging a moderator and providing the Replay of your flight. Then they will be able to distinguish if this is due to connection issues or just ’ Bad Flying’.

Ok I reported them in game could a moderator then act on that?

The Ingame Report button is switched off and has been for a while. As i said above message a mod with the replay and they will assist you :)

Ok thanks for your help I really appreciate it :)

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Sorry forgot to ask who is the best moderator to contact?

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Just message the group chat @moderators one of them will reply as soon as possible!