El Dorado Intl. Airport Guide - SKBO

El Dorado International Airport - Guide

By @nicopizarro

Last Updated: April 2021

Welcome to Bogota, Colombia’s capital city where we also find its biggest airport: El Dorado Intl. On this guide you will find information about procedures, terminals, airlines in operation and more. It will be updated when needed. If you have questions, feel free to send me a PM.

El Dorado is known around the world not only because of its beautiful surroundings, but because of its high elevation. With 8,358 feet of elevation, it’s considered one of the highest airports in Latin America. It has two operative runways, which are used for both, departures and arrivals.

Fun fact: El Alto (Bolivia) is the World’s highest airport with an elevation of 13,325 ft, which is also in South America.

You can find current flights on the Expert Server with a terrain map on IFATC.org.

Runways Heading Size (ft) Surface Elevation ILS Equipped
13R 134º 12480 x 150 Asphalt 8,358 ft Yes
13L 134º 12480 x 150 Asphalt 8,358 ft Yes
31R 314º 12480 x 150 Asphalt 8,358 ft No
31L 314º 12480 x 150 Asphalt 8,358 ft No

El Dorado Intl. Airport, offers a great commercial position for airlines for its geographical position at the north of South America. It gives more connectivity to the South American continent within other places in the world. Take a look at the routes different airlines operate from Bogota:

International Airlines & Destinations

  • Air Europa (B787 - Madrid)
  • Air France (B787 - Paris)
  • Avianca (B787 - Barcelona // London // Madrid)
  • KLM (B787 - Amsterdam* // Cartagena)
  • Lufthansa (UNK - Frankfurt)
  • Turkish Airlines (B787 - Istanbul* // Panama City)

(*) Non-direct flights.

North America
  • Air Canada (B787 - Montreal // Toronto)
  • Delta Airlines (B763 - Atlanta // New York)
  • American Airlines (B772/787/737 - Dallas // Miami // New York)
  • Avianca (B787/a320//a330 - Fort Lauderdale // Los Angeles // Miami // New York // Orlando // Washington D.C. // Cancun // Mexico City)
  • JetBlue (a320 - Fort Lauderdale // New York // Orlando)
  • United Airlines (B737/757 - Houston // Newark)
  • LATAM (B787 - Miami)
  • Spirit Airlines (a320 - Fort Lauderdale // Orlando)
  • Aeromexico (B737/787 - Mexico City)

(*) Non-direct flights.

Central America
  • Avianca (a320 - Aruba // La Habana // Willemstad // San Juan // Punta Cana // Santo Domingo // San Salvador // Guatemala City // Panama City)
  • Copa Airlines (B737 - Panama City)
  • Turkish Airlines (B787 - Panama City)

(*) Non-direct flights.

South America
  • Avianca (B787/a320 - Buenos Aires // La Paz // Rio de Janeiro // Sao Paulo // Santiago // Guayaquil // Quito // Asunsion // Lima // Montevideo)
  • LATAM (B787/a320 - Sao Paulo // Santiago // Lima)
  • JetSmart (a320 - Antofagasta // Santiago)
  • Aerolineas Argentinas (a330 - Buenos Aires)

(*) Non-direct flights.

National Destinations & Cargo

National Destinations
  • Avianca (a320 - San Andrés Island // Cartagena // Medellin // Santa Marta // Cali // Barranquilla // Leticia // Armenia // Tumaco // Popayan // Florencia)
  • LATAM (a320 - San Andrés Island // Cartagena // Medellin // Santa Marta // Cali // Bucaramanga // Pereira // Monteria // Cucuta // Barranquilla // Valledupar // Yopal // Leticia)

(*) Non-direct flights.

  • Avianca Cargo (a33F - Miami // New York // Mexico City // Bridgetown // San Pedro Sula // Buenos Aires // Campinas // Curitiba // Manaus // Sao Paulo // Santiago // Quito // Asuncion // Lima // Montevideo // Brussels // Madrid // Amsterdam)
  • Air Canada Cargo (a333 - Toronto // Montreal // La Habana)
  • Qatar Cargo (B77F - Atlanta // Miami // Mexico City // Panama City // Brussels // Luxemburg // Canton // Macao // Nagoya // Doha)
  • LATAM Cargo (B77F - Chicago // Miami // Panama City // Santiago // Quito // Montevideo // Brussels // Madrid // Amsterdam)
  • Turkish Cargo (B77F - Chicago // New York // Miami // Mexico City // Quito // Dakar)
  • FedEx (B76F - Memphis // Miami)
  • Emirates Sky Cargo (B77F - Dubai)
  • Korean Air Cargo (B77F - Seoul // Tokyo)

(*) Non-direct flights.

Bogota Airport it’s known for it’s huge cargo and passengers flow. Airport has got a big passenger terminal with an “H” form. Northern side is usually used for international flights, and southern side for regional flights; although this may vary depending on traffic levels. As you can see in the map below, there’s a huge Cargo Terminal equipped to serve wide body aircrafts.

Infinite Flight - Airport Map

SKBO aka El Dorado, has got some interesting procedures to say the least. The airport is located in a residential area, therefore, every day at 12am, controllers must change the runways selection for arrivals and departures. How does this work? At 12am, ATC will send all departure to the 31s and all arrivals to the 13s; this is a noice abeatment procedure as most of the residencial areas are at the 31s approach path. Runway normal operations are restarted at 6AM (local time).

SKBO is also one of the few airports in the World that use an approach procedure called Point Merge. This procedure serves as a sequencing tool for approach controllers, among other benefits. If you are interested on more information about Point Merge, check this EuroControl post.

Take a look to SKBO Charts & Procedures here:

Not sure about Bogota yet?

Check out this beautiful departure from El Dorado in a LATAM Boeing 787!

Another tip! - I strongly recommend coming to SKBO when it’s staffed with Radar Control, you will most likely experience a Point Merge approach.

None of the images used for this guide are of my property, credits to their respective owners. Please let me know if you have any doubts, I’ll be happy to help.
Special thanks to @Andres & @IFFM_Juanito for in-depth information about SKBO operations.

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