EL AL's 787 livery fixing

Since the 787 was added in 2016 there were alot of liveries added icluding el al
In 2017 el al got their first 787 , a b787-9 .
Since then el al upgreaded their fleet with more 787-9 and 787-8 but they never got a single 787-10 like there is in the game + the 787 in the game has the el al old livery who doesnt exist on any of el al’s 787s , they all got the 2017 livery . All el al’s 787 got the new livery except for the : san fransisco livery , jerusalem of gold livery and the retro .

There were 2 mistakes done with the plane and the point of the topic is NOT adding el al’s 787-9 BUT deleting el al’s 787-10 and adding the right livery ( the el al 2017 livery and not the old livery ) to the right plane ( the 787-9 and not the 787-10 )

Because el al got their first dreamliner 4 years ago and the mistake that was done with the plane wasn’t changed since then

Well, as votes are limited, I believe it’s better to just vote on the livery thread on B789.

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So wait, you want the devs to fix the incorrect livery on the wrong plane instead of just simply adding the 789 version? 😂


I want the game to be more realistic + i just wanted to post a topic cause i was offline for a long time