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Greetings IFC. I am @Z-Tube, the CEO and Founder of El Al Virtual. Since the founding of El Al Virtual on May 6, 2020, I have and will always strive to make LYVA the most well known, professional Virtual Airline within Infinite Flight. I plan to constantly work alongside and in conjunction with the IFVARB, the Infinite Flight Community, and my fellow team members to ensure that a level of professionalism is constantly maintained. My duty is to ensure that El Al Virtual is continuously running smoothly, in addition to the well-being of all pilots, members, and staff. I take pride in my ability to respect everyone and see the values their uniqueness brings to El Al Virtual. In closing, it is my sincere hope that you consider joining El Al Virtual! From us to you, Once El AL, Always El Al.

Founded on May 6, 2020, El Al Virtual was established based upon our CEO’s dedication to his heritage. Knowing that both the airline and country don’t get much love, he knew something had to be done. Constantly putting in work day after day to exceed perfection, El Al Virtual officially became IFVARB Approved on June 1, 2020.

Within Infinite Flight there are many Virtual Airlines to choose from. Finding one you can count on and build a relationship with in the long term is a difficult task, however we have simplified that for you. Here are some reasons as to why you have made the best decision by choosing us!

Our Approach

As the only Israeli VA in Infinite Flight, it is our goal to represent what we have to offer. Some may take it that our country and airline are small compared to places like the U.S. with 3 mainline carriers, however we have just as much to offer, if not more. The pride we take in representing Israel is outstanding. Seeing our flag on the tail of our aircraft soaring at 34,000 feet is something no other airline could say, well unless you’re flying El Al of course!


What makes El Al a truly professional environment is the test we put all potential pilots through. Each applicant will go through an initial application where our CEO reviews each aspect of the application one by one. If said applicant is approved, they are sent our pilot exam, a twenty question quiz that our CEO has designed with questions that only an experienced pilot would know. Once there, the applicant must achieve a certain percentage to pass and start their career with El Al Virtual. If one passes, it doesn’t end there. Staff members constantly make sure that each pilot is made fit for the role and will be provided as much support as needed to thrive in the airline.

Our Support

Our trained and well-rounded staff are here to support you and help you with anything around the clock. Whether you send an inquiry via our email or PM us on the IFC, you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours!

Our Experience

Here at LYVA, all of our staff are highly experienced and have had some sort of background with another VA. Whether that is being IFATC or a former Human Resources Manager, everyone has something written in the books!

Our staff is what makes us who we are, and we are immensely proud of that!

Senior Management

Chief Executive Officer: @Z-Tube

Chief Operating Officer: @Hunter777

Senior Advisor: @Anthony_av

Human Resources Manager: @Oriyan_Sabag


Chief Pilot: @CaptainZac

Recruitment Manager: Vacant

Media Manager: @EAK209

Events Manager: @CPT_HILD

If you are interested in any of the Vacant staff positions, please feel free to PM us!

Our Fleet

Operating the Boeing 737-800, 737-900ER, 777-200ER, 787-8, 787-9, El Al Virtual follows El Al’s real fleet. Why don’t you take a look at our beautiful aircraft below!

Codeshare Aircraft

With our codeshares, not only do we extend our route network, but also our fleet. Take a look below!

Airline Aircraft(s)
AeroMéxico B738, B789
Air China A319, A321, A333, A359
Alaska Airlines E175, A320, B738, B739
Ethiopian Airlines B788
Iberia A333, A346, A359
jetBlue E190, A320, A321
Jet 2 B738, A333
Porter Airlines DH8D
S7 Airlines A319, A320, A321
Thai Airways A333, A359, A388, B744, B772, B77W
TUI Airways B738, B752, B788, B789
United Airlines A320, B737, B738, B739, B752, B763, B772, B77W, B789, B78X
Vietnam Airlines A321, A359, B789
Qantas A333, B744

Our Routes

At LYVA we always aim for the best pilot experience. For this reason, our routes are constantly evolving to match El Al’s real destination map!

Codeshare Routes are not pictured in this map

El Al Virtual Rank System

Rank Hours Aircraft
Second Officer 0-30 B738
First Officer 30-70 B739
Senior First Officer 70-150 B772, B788
Captain 150+ B789

The El Al B78X may be used in lieu of the Generic 789

Please note that these aircraft are specific to the El Al Fleet

Our Partners

El Al Virtual is proud to partner with various other Virtual Airlines to provide an even more extensive route network! Take a look at our current partners below!

Ready to Join?


Age 13+
Valid and active Infinite Flight subscription
Grade 3+
Must have a valid IFC account that is in good standing
Must be active and be able to file a flight at least once every two weeks
Must have access to Slack and Airtable

Once an application has been submitted, our Recruitment Manager will contact you via the IFC regarding your application. Please allow up to 48 hours for all initial applications to be processed.

Apply Here


El Al Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.
All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. and are used under a license from El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.
© El Al Virtual

This thread was created by @Z-Tube and approved by @mwe2187. Credit for the banners goes to @Navy315. Credit for our logo goes to @Declan_Moody.


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