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They’re not ready to release the new one quite yet


As Drummer stated, I have decided to hold off on a new thread. While the new one is mostly done, we want to perfect some upcoming features prior to a public release. As a result, we’ll be delaying our new thread to June 1st, 2021, our one year.

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No problem happy to see this thread open

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Hello everyone! It is our greatest honor to welcome @Nightt, our new Human Resources Manager, to the staff team.

@Nightt, also referred to as “Night,” has been a beneficial addition to our staff team to make our operations at LYVA even smoother and more comfortable. Time and time again he has proven to us that he is dedicated, committed, and responsible. This is emphasized by his fast-climbing rank, from Second Officer to Captain in under one month.

So, please join us in congratulating Night. We look forward to a strong future!

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It’s been an honor!

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That’s all ill say.

I think this one deserves to make it on the thread. 😉

Thank you all for the support! We hope to see our livery on at least aircraft in 21.1!

Charge your phone, Zac!

I, along with the entire team at El Al Virtual, greatly appreciate the support. It’s amazing to see the community voice their opinions for underrepresented liveries. ❤️

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It’s on the charger. I’m sorry that I have a tendency of letting my phone get to 1% before I sprint full speed to the charger 😂

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and turn on dark mode, like a cultured person