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We hope to see you are el al!

Why does the website say one Pilot

We have changed from elalvirtual.crewsystem.net to ifelalva.com! It introduces a new and re-developed crew center. The old website is taken out of commission. An official announcement will be pushed out eventually. The link will be changed in the top very soon

(once @Z-Tube hurries up jk)

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The official announcement can be found below:

And I oop

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Great thread!

Its supposed to be and i oopps, not oop

No, the actual meme is “and I oop”, btw

Fixed. 😉
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I make my own meme

Thank you, my OCD has been resolved.

Now, watch as I will be inactive for about four hours taking my stupid SSAT. Yay. 😑😑😑


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2020 in Review: From Us To You

Dear Infinite Flight Community,

Well, we made it. Not you, not me. Us. Today, December 31st, 2020, marks the end of 2020. This was a year packed with wonders. We let go of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, lost 176 people in a Ukranian plane crash, faced (and continuing to face) the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, encountered the devastating fires of Australia and California, and now facing the aftermath of the horrific Nashville Bombing. However, despite the unfortunate series of events this year, we thought we could help lighten the mood by giving some insight into El Al Virtual’s creation.

It was March of 2020 when @Z-Tube began the process of creating El Al Virtual. His first steps were to create a website, the foundation of any VA/VO. Further along, things started to come together. All of El Al’s routes were mirrored, our Airtable Crew Center was developed, and our thread was being designed. On May 6th, 2020, El Al Virtual began the IFVARB Approval process. @mwe2187 initiated the process, and over the next two weeks, multiple IFVARB Board Members helped perfect every aspect of El Al Virtual. Soon enough, on June 1st, 2020, El Al Virtual was the newest IFVARB approved VA. It was a thrilling moment, and that was the start of a long, exciting journey.

To this day, El Al Virtual has gone through many changes. With multiple website refreshes, crew center changes, and now a move to Discord (see below), we are beyond proud of where we are.

Lastly, as we look back at this year, we would like to give a heartfelt thank you to every single one of our pilots. You guys are what makes El Al Virtual the El Al Virtual we have wanted. Additionally, we’d like to thank all of our partners. Because of your routes, we can extend the places our pilots can fly to.

The Staff at El Al Virtual (@Z-Tube, @CaptainZac, @IF787, @EAK209)

Our Move to Discord

For those of you that read the message above closely, you’d see that we are moving to Discord. There were a few factors that took play in this decision, and we’ll list them below.

  • Customization
  • 14+ age requirement (16+ for Slack)
  • Universal coordination (IFATC, IFVARB, etc.)
  • Crew Center integration
  • Metar Bot (in addition to others)

As you can see, Discord allows us to do more than Slack. While we understand that not everyone is comfortable with the change, and the transition period will be difficult, we are confident that this was the right choice.

New Booking System

The last thing that we’d like to introduce is our new booking system. This new system allows fellow pilots to fly El Al Virtual routes with our pilots, without being apart of LYVA. The goal of this program is to offer an insight into El Al Virtual and who we are.

What’s even cooler is how it’s implemented. Because of our switch to Discord, our pilots will be notified when a flight is booked. A pilot (or staff member) can then pick up the flight and join you.

How to Book

To book a flight, please visit ifelalva.com/book-flight. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Well, that’s our 2020 recap! We hope you have a healthy, peaceful, and safe new year. Thanks for a fantastic year, IFC!

El Al Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.
All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. and are used under a license from El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

© El Al Virtual


It felt weird to type that in 3rd person, lol.

Thanks to everyone for making this year less 💩 than it was!

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Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that our booking site is now available. Information about eligibility and use can be found below.

  • You must have an Infinite Flight Pro subscription with Grade 3 or higher.
  • You can book a time at 15-minute intervals any day of the week at any time. However, we do not recommend booking on holidays as our pilots most likely will not fly on those days.
  • Once a flight is booked, a notification will be automatically sent to our pilots, letting them know that someone has booked a flight.
  • You will be sent a PM via the IFC 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. The PM will include your “boarding pass,” which contains all the relevant information. Your pilot will also be added to the PM.
  • All El Al Virtual pilots will receive a 1.5x bonus on any of these flights.


A great thing about this system is that you do not need to be apart of El Al Virtual to book a flight. As a matter of fact, that is the goal! The idea is to give pilots a feel of what El Al Virtual is like!

Additionally, when booking, we require very little information. All that we ask for is a valid IFC name (please write this in the comment section) and your name (will not be shown to our pilots). Furthermore, there is a field that asks for your address. However, we ask that you do not fill that field out. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to remove it, so please disregard the address field.

We truly hope that you enjoy this new system. See you in the skies!

Book Here:


El Al Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.
All affiliate logos are registered trademarks of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. and are used under a license from El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

© El Al Virtual


Applied!! Can’t wait to join!! @elal-virtual

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Thanks for applying, @SpaceyBoot33825! A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Your application has been received. A PM will be sent to begin the application process. Thanks for applying!

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@Z-Tube Ok, I finished the entrance exam!

Good work! I’ll grade it and we will get back to you!


Old thread open?