El Al Virtual FNF Event

I flew my very first event for LYVA from LLBG to LIMC! It was a wonderful flight and was glad to be apart of it. I’ve been using the 737s all the time now because of the update and I haven’t even flown the 777 yet. It was a fun time flying my favorite aircraft and flying with the VA!

Flight Time: 3:28
Aircraft: B738
Server: Expert


Nice pics, beautiful livery! Love to see it, looks like it was a beautiful FNF!


So glad you enjoyed it! Beautiful shots too!

You can thank @RitzRegis for coming up with the idea!


I had a awful landing but that’s another story. Great shots my man thanks for coming again!

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My landing wasn’t butter but it definitely didn’t chip off any of the runway lmao

Mine was butter I just came in a bit to high.

Great event and beautiful pictures!

Just make sure next time you are (or whoever) holding behind the hold short line ;)