El Al Virtual | Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary | 2021 Official Thread

Usually infinite flight doesn’t add special liveries, but we can only hope!

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Hello, @DesertRose!

To add to Zac, we (LYVA) offer the 747-400 on our cargo routes. While these routes are flown with the Generic livery, unfortunately, it’s better than nothing. Luckily the remaining El Al Cargo branded 747 is Generic, too, minus a small logo. 😉


nice!A good post


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Hi all -

First, Chag Sameach! Hanukkah has come early this year, but there is no better time to celebrate than late November/early December!

Second, hello! It’s great to be writing another message from the VA Account. My life has been hectic, and I finally found time to whip up a message with everything new with El Al Virtual.

I hope you all enjoy what is to come, and if you are already a part of LYVA, thank you for sticking around while we work on bettering the experience.

Warmest Regards,
Zachary Friedman
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
El Al Virtual

El Al Virtual is extremely excited to announce that LYVA and the following VAs have officially commenced codeshare operations:

These routes can be found in our Route Database under the airline’s respective drop-down menu.

While no significant changes are planned for the near future, El Al Virtual has begun offering monthly multipliers to cater to our ever-growing pilot roster.

Additionally, for the duration of Hanukkah, every flight has a 3x bonus with no rank restrictions. So, don’t wait; join us and rack up some hours!

El Al Virtual is a virtual airline exclusively for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no connection or affiliation with El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. or any other real-world airline. All El Al trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed in this thread remain the property of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.
© 2021 El Al Virtual

This thread and its contents (banners included) were created by @Z-Tube. Credit for our logos goes to @hass.ik and @Maximilian1805.


Greetings! I just wanted to let anyone here know i stopped by your site and was thoroughly impressed by your organization! I am currently flying for FedExVA and am accumulating a flight career for resume purposes! Upon my tenure there i will consider flying for ElAl … it would actually be an honor!
J. Hill


Thanks for all your positive feedback! We are pleased to have you at El Al Virtual!


I went ahead and joined! i can be a part of multiple VAs correct??


Of course you can! We just received your application and it’s in our processing system now. Will send you a message in a couple minutes with some more information!


Excellent! i look forward to flying for you guys!!


Awesome! We’re excited to have you on our team!


quick question, do i need to create a jotform account? ive noticed your correspondence uses it, wasnt sure if i needed to download it…

No, you do not need the app at all. That’s just the system we use for applications.


wow it was awsome!! Congratulations👏

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did i get in? lol haven’t heard anything, was the form filled out correctly?


We do our best to contact everyone within 24 hours of submitting the application! You will be contacted shortly! Thanks.


apologies! take your time

We sent you your application a few hours ago. Take your time :)

yeah i bombed that test… i havent been in the best of form, i should have taken more time… and i know better… ill try again later.

Please check your PMs. We sent you an alternate way to enter LYVA.


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FINALY a Jewish airline for me!