EL AL (UP) Boeing 737-800

EL AL has decided to close its subsidiary UP Low Cost Company The planes returned to EL AL
Combined painting Integrated

They don’t add ElAl B777/B767/B747, Israir A320, Arkia…
And there is B737 ElAl, so I think that they will not add one more plane ElAl…

This is not true. The British Airways livery is nearly on every plane they operate in IF. They can do the same for EL AL.


כֵּן! עדיין יש תקווה


Yes. But they don’t add…

As the president of El Al Virtual, I strongly encourage the developers to bring the remaining of the fleet to Infinite Flight!


Cool topic, but there is another livery I would very much like to see that is the B737-900 from EL AL. 😉

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