El Al Suspends Operations

El Al Israel Airlines has suspended its operations until further notice.

Photo Credit: El AL to launch nonstop flights between Orlando and Tel Aviv in July 2019 | Tourist Israel

As of July 1st, 2020, El Al is suspending its operation due to the severely decreased travel frequency, which in turn cuts their profits.

The CEO Gonen Usishkin has ordered all of the company’s aircraft to return to Israel. This includes all aircraft operating cargo flights. Six total flights scheduled for today were cancelled.

Until the CEO reverses his order, don’t count on seeing any of those beautiful blue tails at your local airport.

Simple Flying Credit: No El Al Flights Until Further Notice

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Didn’t expect that… today is a pretty bad day for it, too.


Uh, oh. If they don’t fly, they don’t make money. No money=No airline. I hope they get through this!

Oh wow, let’s hope it is not too long before they are in the sky again!

@Z-Tube Isn’t gonna like this…

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This is not good at all!

Oof! 💀 Right on the day when El Al Virtual was supposed to have their first event! 😣


Kinda ironic given today’s event…but sad to hear…


They’re literally featured today and all … 😢


Well no one will like it if their airline gets suspended IRL :P

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That sucks, those beautiful blue tails

Not another one. All we can do now is to hope for the best that the pandemic will be over soon. Our best efforts to stay at home can save these airlines from crumbling.

So sorry to hear about the El Al Supsending All Operations. That’s so sad😓 I don’t think El Al is gonna fly again during this COVID-19. I think it’s gonna be grounded until the Coronavirus starts to die down

Let’s hope El Al comes back stronger than before


I think it will

Yep, I think they will come back stronger.

These things seem to happen to a lot of “smaller” airlines, that just can’t support themselves during these crazy times.

@Z-Tube rip

@Z-Tube 💀

NOOOOO! This is so sad.

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MY BABY!!! Rip I’m so sad. I am very hopeful that El Al will find the light at the end of the tunnel and come back like nothing ever happened.

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