El Al Sues Israel After Air India Flies Through Saudi Airspace

The Israeli government has hailed Air India’s new nonstop service from New Delhi to Tel Aviv as a historic breakthrough — the Indian carrier is the first commercial airline to take a geopolitical shortcut through Saudi Arabian airspace. So in a first of its own, El Al petitioned Israel’s Supreme Court on Wednesday, filing suit against the government; the Civil Aviation Authority; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; the transportation minister, Yisrael Katz; and Air India. Flying in a straight line cuts more than two hours off the usual flight time, and allows Air India to lower its ticket price. Even though Saudi Arabia granted permission for the route, El Al is asking the Israeli court to prevent Air India from taking the shorter path unless the Israeli carrier receives a similar permit.

This is actually the same topic:

But let’s wait for the mods’ decision, because your explanation of the whole thing is better.

Oh look. It’s 2018 and the rich and powerful still have a lower human intellect than a kindergartener.


It’s actually a totally different topic. We’re talking about how El Al sued Israel for it and the other topic is saying how Air India made its route through the airspace so it’s a totally different concept.


I mean, I get where El Al are coming from. But it’s not really the government’s fault. They should just go talk to Air India, not the supreme Court of Israel.

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I Totally agree with you!

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