EL AL Remove from service the Boeing 767

After 36 years EL AL The Boeing 767 is being released From service
EL AL She bought for the first time 767 at 1983 Boeing 767-200 She was their launch client She was the first company Which crossed the Atlantic With aircraft too engines The planes that participated in Operation Solomon To bring Jews from Ethiopia to Israel Then they also bought the model 300
In the last 20 years The 767 Serves the heads of the Israeli government Travel in the world

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Total Aircraft Fleet 767 in el al
767-200 and 200ER
6 Planes The first one entered the service at 1983
The last one left the service at 2013
7 Planes The first one came in 2004
The last one left today From service
The planes are replaced by 787 8/9


Shame that they are retiring their 767s. I always thought their livery looked cool on the 767!


The way the title is written makes it look like El Al dumped their relationship with the plane.

Sad to see it being retired. They fly them into Boston on their Tel-Avivé flights sometimes, though now their using the 772 on it now

Man, this was a great livery on this plane. It’s sad to see, but it’s the fate of old planes. They served well, and will always be a favorite, but it’s time. I hope we get this with a 767 rework! 😭😭😭

Hope to also get it

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RIP to the 767 for that airline that is SAD!

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