El Al (New livery) 787-9

El Al will receive it’s new Dreamliner this month. The aircraft is already painted and is currently doing the final test flights.

Photo credit: Twitter, @Sabian404

The majority of changes are in the design in the vertical stabilizer and in some minor details, like the lines of text: “Proudly All Boeing” and it’s name “ASHDOD”.

To maintain order, I may create another feature request to “fix” the livery in the current 787-10 if this one gets enough support.

I would vote, but again, im out of them. Maybe you could do a poll so people can choose

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It is advisable to post one picture per feature request.

It is also advisable to give photo credits.

I really like the livery though.

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I can’t believe I forgot this one…

Thank you for appointing this.

I think the first photo shows enough detail. The second one isn’t necessary. Yes, only one photo per request.

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By the way, beautiful aircraft! What a shiny livery! (Ran out of votes unfortunately).

Let’s keep feature requests to one photo. I’ve removed the second one.


Would love for this to get added to the -9, as it’s more realistic than flying the EL AL -10, which they haven’t even ordered. But I’m out of votes :/

So many people ran out of votes 😢


Too! The painting of that plane. Beautiful!

Bumping this as it deserves some hope. It would be the second realistic El Al livery in IF (the 737-800 is the first) and would make El Al Virtual not have to use generic 787-9s.

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