El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

Hello IFC,
Today, I would love to request one of my favorite aircraft for Infinite Flight, The 787-8 Dreamliner!

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The 787 Dreamliner is one of my favorite aircraft, then add the hottest livery! Bam! You’ve got this:

The Boeing 787 features brand new technology for the fuselage. It is made of Carbon Comosite material, this should set standards for new jets to come! I was very excited to hear that the 787-8 now had the El Al livery on it.

Why I think this should be in IF

This should be in IF because of the lack of El Al livery’s in the game. There should be more, especially this astonishing one.

Image source: Simpleflying.com

I hope you like it!

Do you like it?

Does El Al have the -8 on order?

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Yes they have placed an order.

Since El Al only is getting 2 787-8s and they have a larger fleet of 787-9s, 777-200ERs, and 747-400s, I find this unnecessary.

https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/283529/el-al-outlines-787-8-network-from-nov-2019/ Read this.

No livery request is unnecessary in my opinion. They are getting at least one and that’s what matters. I have personally liked Al’s livery. Hope it can get added in a “soft rework” of the 787. We have only a few liveries.


I loved the news about EL AL adding the B788 to its fleet, and I would also love to see this livery in the simulator. Over time, the B747-400 should be retired, as some airlines have been doing, and invest in twin engines like the B787. Unfortunately I do not have a vote now, but in the future it may be.

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Clear one out! You don’t have too.

This is a real photo of the EL AL B787-8. Hopefully one day will arrive an update with liveries of B787 and with this livery. 🙏🏻

EL AL B787-8

Photo credit for Daniel Gorun (Airliners.net)

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What comes is profit, but personally I don’t usually fly the B787-10, just for that. But I’m also cheering for the EL AL B777-200ER.

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Keep in mind that El Al doesn’t operate the -10 IRL. They only operate the -8 and -9.


I also refer to the simulator. Most of the time it’s really a matter of preference, I just don’t choose the B787-10 for my flights, but I agree that the painting should be added to the B777 and B747, but these are only reworking and as the B777 is coming, I already have one vote for the EL AL B777. But still, I would like the B788 with this livery.

El Al never operated the -10, not sure why it got added to IF quite honestly. Maybe they had orders and it got changed to the -8 and -9.


Great livery… Hope see soon!

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