EL AL Israel Airlines B747-400

Hello guys! Look at this beautiful texture of the El Al 747-400. I would love to have this plane available at Global. I see this plane making several flights to the US and other countries on FlightRadar24.

If you liked the idea of having this beautiful plane available on Global, please help me by voting on the topic so Devs IF add this plane to Infinite Flight.

Credits to Yochai Mossi

This is definitely pretty for sure! That is a really cool photo btw


I saw one parking at JFK. Looked pretty cool


This plane is beautiful! One of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen. 🙂


I have seen it at KJFK a lot. A beautiful plane. Took this picture of it when I was there to go to the Dominican Republic


I’m out of votes, but I still support this


Cool livery! Didn’t know that they had a 747

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They are starting to be phased out, unfortunately.

I see this plane going to KJFK constantly on FR24.

Totally agree on bringing this Livery to IF especially for my my VA aka El Al Virtual.


Bump as the duplicate was made + closed


I’ve flown on this aircraft multiple times
Happens to be I luv this livery (it’s my fav on the 747)

That morning I made a flight from Tel Aviv to New York. I really wanted to do this route with this EL AL B744. Well … maybe one day, right?


Guyssss plsss vote this in

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Great livery!!!

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I would vote but got none left but the at picture is a seller👌🏾

This better make it
Flew on this plane from KJFK-LLBG Like 8 times
I luv flying planes in IF that I’ve been on

Unscramble 😂

We haven’t got a vote In a while for the nicest 744 livery out there

    1. I would want this plane in IF
    1. I would not want this plane in IF

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As I heard days ago that the Devs were working, or were going to work, on new liveries from other aircraft, I would very much like to draw attention to this livery. For some time no liveries have been added on the B744, and I would very much like to make the EL AL livery available for the B744. Even with few votes, I think it would be a good addition to the IF.