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El Al Is Saved! (NEW THREAD) (News/Updates Frequently)

El Al Israel Airlines, based in Tel Aviv has just been bought, 42% of El Al, is now sold. It is owned by 23 year old Eli Rosenberg. Routes of the airlines aren’t supposed to change much

New news as of September 24

**Eli Rosenberg has now bought El Al for 100 million USD. While the Israeli government nails 100 million NIS for a 12% stake in the company, the issue with that is front Globes magazine, where they say “According to the law and El Al’s regulations, control of El Al must always be in the hands of a citizen and resident of Israel. According to the information obtained by El Al, Kanfei Nesharim is a company controlled by American businessman Kenny Rozenberg, who is not a citizen or resident of Israel. In order to circumvent the legislative restrictions, the shares of Kanfei Nesharim are registered in the name of his son Mr. Eli Rozenberg, a young man who is 26 years old who lacks independent means and lacks business experience and all this is to create the false appearance as if the controlling shareholder is so to speak an Israeli resident.” **


Link to the original topic: El Al To Start Cargo Flights To Dubai Once Weekly On The 747!



another airline saved

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Awesome! Great to hear that the flag carrier of Israel is saved!!


Where’s @Z-Tube or @elal-virtual??? 🤔🤔

In school.

So glad to hear that El Al is saved! Now it’s just the race for who gets dibs. 😜


Great news guys!

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I call dibs! 🤪

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wait the government is only buying 150m? that isnt much money for an airline or the government.

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The government is not buying it, it’s going to be a private buyer 😁 (we may or may not be reading the news all day 🤪)

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Please read above!

Never heard of this Rosenberg guy, but I’m glad another airline was saved! It’s really sad how many airlines and aircraft went under because of the pandemic

Yep, but they’re back!

Thread updated

This is easily the most drawn out crazy saga I can remember recently in the aviation business 😂

I guess and unconventional year needs an unconventional response!

Awesome to hear EL AL is (in part) saved 😁

El Al Wars, Episode 4, the Not-So-Secure-Deal-That-Was-Secured-Not-Too-Long-Ago

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