EL-AL in need for an ATC! Who can help?

Hello guys! It’s David from EL-AL Airlines VA. We are in need for an ATC to attend our events and other servers. If you’re an organization or an individual we’d be more than happy to partner with you in your ATC department. Please let me know! We need ATC ASAP!

David Berman - CEO
EL-AL Airlines
It’s not just an airline, it’s Israel.

You can post it under your main thread instead of making a new topic as it is an update for your va

IFATS Is a ATC program that partners with VA’s to provide ATC for their events and pilots. @oscar_mur is the guy you should get in contact with for IFATS.

Adding onto what @Delta_Alpha_Lima has said. We provide realistic and professional Verbal ATC on the casual server and we are open to partnerships yes.

IFATS Vice President.