El Al in Europe

Good morning IFC. The other day I did a flight from Frankfurt, Germany 🇩🇪 to Tel Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱 and I want to share some photos from the flight.

Flight Details

Aircraft: El Al 737-800
Flight time: 3:41
Server: Expert

At the gate preparing for pushback

Taxiing out to the runway with a Tui B737-800 in the background

Lining up on the runway


Climbing out

Cruising over Greece 🇬🇷

Israel coming into view in the flightdeck

Crossing the threshold

Just about to touchdown

Pulling into the gate

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Nice Pics the EL AL livery is really nice

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Thank you.

Stunning pics and a great route, Will!

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Thank you 😊 was a fun flight too

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Nice pictures!

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Thank you.

Amazing pictures, mate 😍

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Thank you 😊

We ♥️ these photos! Amazing job!

- Zac


Thank you would’ve never thought to do it if it wasn’t for being in you’re amazing VA

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Sunning photos and an amazing route! LLBG is an amazing airfield! Cheers!