El Al Historic Flight To The UAE

Guys if you want to join my " peace flight " from Tel aviv to Abu Dhabi DM me on Instegram [Israspotter]
Flight details:
Monday 31 August,
Time: 10AM +03:00 UTC
From: Tel aviv [LLBG]
To: Abu Dhabi [OMAA]
Aircraft: El Al 737-800
Server: Training

El al Historic flight to the UAE!



Cool idea man, I love to see people bringing peace and kindness to the IFC. A flight that celebrates peace is always good, and that’s a pretty cool looking 737 😎

I would join but I am currently busy right now today. Hope you enjoy tho!


Thank you my dear!


@Z-Tube @jetblue3000

I think this belongs to #live:events 🙂

Oh yeah he’s the ceo of the VA of the plane this livery is in 😊

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I know, I am not allowed to post there ]:
and I want people to join…

yep! true he is

Oh, so keep postings and helping others and you’ll be able to do it! 😃

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You are allowed to post a #live:groupflights if you would like to, please follow the rules in the category below:

Thanks for the lovely advice!

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Wow big thanks! I will post right now!

Wait, you should post it less than 3 hours before the flight!

Hey @Oriyan_Sabag!

That’s a nice idea. I recommend you to use the #live:groupflights category for this. Others posted some links before leading you to this category already. Remember that a group flight needs to happen within 3 hours after you publish the topic though.

If you want to create an Event and you’re not at TL2 yet, maybe you can work together with a Virtual Airline to set something like that up. Maybe @elal-virtual is interested.

Feel free to reach out to @ moderators if you have a questions 😊