El Al Frankfurt to Tel Aviv

A very unique flight on the expert server today with the El Al 737-800. I was on the expert server around 1520Z to 2015Z today and the route was Frankfurt to Tel Aviv in the 737-800. The scenery over Croatia, the Alps and the Mediterranean was beautiful but the sun had set by the time I approached Ben Gurion.

Golden Hour sunset over Greece


Nice. I like it!


Thanks! :D

Nice Image! Perfect Timing!

why is your name DeltaA319Fan but your Pfp is a WestJet 737???

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Nice pic
Flew El Al multiple times
On the 744 and the 772 gr8 airline

And for whoever want we have a El Al VA😂😜

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Haha. It’s April Fools, I’m changing it back to an A319 crosswind pic tomorrow. Anyways, I was in flight deck camera so I was like why don’t I switch it to a wingview. A bit of luck for this pic.

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Enjoy israel
Been there multiple times


And… I changed it back to the 319

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nice one…