EL AL Boeing 787-9 retro Livery

Today the new plane of EL AL landed in Ben Gurion Airport The plane was painted for 70 years to EL AL Plane painted in Boeing 707 colors
This colors was about 707 From 1961 to 1972
El Al chose this painting because That “the Boeing 707 were the first jet aircraft of El Al and actually opened the era of the jet in the world of civil aviation in Israel”
This aircraft is the first to be painted at 787 in retro In the world

Boeing 707 In the original colors

If you want to see him here ➡️ [https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/el-al-787-9-retro-livery ⬅️ I very much want to see him here


Wow it fits just perfectly

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Good news. I had the opportunity to see this airplane fly and get finished when I was in Seattle and doing the Boeing Plant Tour. It is such a beautiful bird.


It´s just perfect! Love the retro livery.

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I love retro-liveries! I’m a fan of this one!


This is an amazing livery, absolutely stunning.

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Very cool! This is actually the only 787 Dreamliner that has a retro livery on it.


This is really cool! I hope to see it someday

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