EL AL Boeing 787-9 Las Vegas San Francisco Livery

The plane was painted For Opening the line to Vegas and San Francisco
The line to Vegas will start on 14 in June The flight will be once a week The line to San Francisco It will start in May There will be 3 flights a week Total will be 8 destinations to North America EL AL Going to open 2 more lines to the United States San Francisco Orlando Las Vegas and Chicago Until 2020

Amazing Livery, hope to see it soon on IF

@anon23647801 you seeing this?

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Only today is it painted

Yes please! I cant wait to see the actual plane coming to my hometown!

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It’s not my favorite EL-AL livery (that’s still the Retro 787) but it looks great. That one reminds me of the San Francisco Livery SWISS had on one of their A340 a while ago when they announced their new route between LSZH and KSFO

Source: Pinterest


Retro really is more special And beautiful But it will also be a nice addition

I believe there’s a limit to one photo max per feature request. I would keep the top one and remove the other one.

I think this is the case have to see both sides

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I’ll double check the rules, I see what you mean.

Edit:. “1 picture per request . A small minority of requests will be permitted a second photo for the purpose of context”

Just saw it
Like the other 789 better but it’s still gonna get my vote

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Hey guys can u pls vote this in it wld be very helpful

Video Of the painting


Vote this innnn

Hey y’all can we get s’more votes

    1. I would want to see this bird in IF
    1. I would not want to see this in IF

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i saw this plane in hong kong before!
i am surprised they repaint it

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Ik still a beautiful livery


I didn’t know this existed! I’ve also never seen ElAl fly here to Las Vegas

No it’s a new route that they didint even start yet