El Al Boeing 787-10 Livery

So I’ve been doing some research because I was curious to see how many orders El Al had placed on the 787-10 because the livery was in IF but when I look that up, all I find is about the 787-9 so I did a little more digging. Tried looking up the registration on the livery in IF and nothing came up, lots came up about the 787-9 but nothing on the 787-10. Why was the El Al 787-10 livery added to Infinite Flight when I can’t even find an article or something saying that they’ve shown interest in the Boeing 787-10. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this!

Keep in mind that the 787s were reworked in 2016. Lots of things had changed since then.

Yeah you’re right. El Al doesn’t operate the 787-10. But IF added it at their discretion. Nothing to really complain here though. We have more liveries for the -10. Also remember that not many airlines operate the 787-10 because it has a shorter range than the -9.

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