El Al Boeing 777-200ER

אני לא מבין

English only forum? Well, if it is not meant for you, don’t bother! Simple!

I mean we have to add more uniforms of EL AL

He mean liverys

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EL AL’s uniform is very beautiful
EL AL and the company is a company with a very nice history is first flew to New York after 11 \ 9
The first is a 767-200ER
It was well before 11 \ 9 with security guards on the plane
And is one of the most secure in the world

Add liveries of EL AL 777-200ER

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אני מבין

If only 4X-ELD comes

I use to see this aircraft all the time when I flew from JFK to Madrid, and I absolutely love it. Even have a model aircraft on my stand! I was surprised when they didn’t add it.

I always thought the silver and blue on the El AL liveries looked great. With only one other livery in IF, I hope this gets on the devs radar!

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EL AL Boeing 777-200ER very beautiful

Very beautiful livery, it’s even one of my favorite.

Interesting, if we will see these liveries in the game…

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I very much hope that will be very fun to play with it

Beautiful ✈️❤️👍🏼

Only one picture per feature request. :)

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Too bad more beautiful with some pictures

Yea… too bad :(

You still can post up links to the two other photos though :)

I am writing to Mattheu Please add Boeing 777-200ER

Crossing my fingers this may still get into the update?


Since the 777-200ER is getting renovations too, this will be added!

[spoiler]I think that EL AL expressed their intentions to operate flight from Israel to Panama…



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