EL על AL אל Boeing 767-300ER

Nice Airplane + Nice Livery = Perfect


It looks good even on the 747.


Super nice livery paired with a nice plane!

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Not bad livery

Good good :)

Wrong. It looks best on the B744! 😍

Well, shame the 744 is being retired.

Shame indeed… Tracking ELD and ELF on FR24 nowadays

Pity how ELY only has a B738 in IF, isn’t it?

I’m hoping they add the 788. Almost all of their fleet is on Infinite Flight, and only 1 livery…


This is the last year for all the 747s

Not true, After they get their 788’s, they’re retiring their 744’s & 763’s.

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I very much hope that will add to it

Wahhh😢 No more amazing El Al 747s. It’s sad how fast the carriers are retiring them.

The 744s are old already… The Queen goes… The Princess comes… I’m not sure if ELY would think of B748s at all though @liad747 what do you think?


This livery fits the 767-300 well. I would really like to see this in the sim.


Love that EL AL livery…still waiting their confirmation to operate to Panama.

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After reached the 787 EL AL is supposed to at least a few new targets, but I believe Panama will not stay

😞😞😞No please don’t say that.

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