El Al Boeing 747-400

I think IF has done a great job of filling in liveries for different airplanes. The Jetblue a321, new Alaskan 737 are good additions. However, the 744 is missing a key livery…the El Al one. Their 747 is a little bit of an icon at New York Kennedy, as it’s practically always at the same spot at the same time on the same days. New York-Tel Aviv is a popular route. Also the US west coast-tel aviv is a big one.

More importantly, however, is that the game includes only 1 real El Al aircraft–the 737-800. They don’t have any 787-10’s, only the -9 variant Is-rael (get it? 11/10). We need a real heavy 😩.

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That’s not the livery I’m describing. But yeah I saw some past topics related to an El Al 744 but, like you said, they haven’t been active for years/received no votes.

Hello, you can vote here :)

It’s the new livery.


Oh thanks! I didn’t see this one.

I was just hoping maybe a recent separate post might spark some interest


You can reply to the topic above and it will be seen ;)


After some thought the other topic is super old and we’ll close that. This one can stay :)


We need a el al 777 to

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We need this! El Al virtual would be able to add so many past routes, and even not adding it… this just looks dope. @Z-Tube

wait its a duplicate, will send the message on the other one…