EL AL Boeing 747-400

Can we pleas have the Elal liverie on the 747-4??


Here is a picture of the aircraft


Do they usually ad in requests?

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Honestly I don’t think they do unless they have made a new aircraft and if they are looking for the liveries to make for it as more people want new planes so it is more important for them to spend their time making the planes as they get thousands of requests their is a website with all the requests in which you can vote. Hope the answers your question

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I am requesting this aircraft too!


Yep it does. Thanks for the help;)

Whats the websites name?

I will look through all the forums again for you bear with me

Here is the website in which you can request things

@liad747 Looks like I forgot to check if yours is a duplicate but to continue, would be great if the reg is 4X-ELD

Yerushalayim <3

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This corresponds to the game that I really wanted to Joseph

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Would love to see livery added to the queen of skies :)

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This livery is a beauty!


The 787-10 least reached

I really want to see this added! :)


I would also love this to be added

Hope to see it soon airline EL AL is one of the units still operating the 747-400

Yeah I’ve flown on El Al 747’s before

I recently flew EL AL 747-400 in New York was good


Why did not add it in august update?