EL AL Boeing 737-900ER

EL AL Boeing 737-900ER add I am very pleased that it will have only recently reached the last plane to EL AL


That’s not a 737-900ER, it’s just a 737-900. The 900ER has double winglets and the 900 does not :)

Not necessarily, the split scimitar winglets are an option for airlines, and are not manufactured by boeing. For that matter, the regular winglets are not manufactured by boeing, only assembled by them. The split scimitar’s are not assembled by boeing, they are available as a retrofit.


For now atleast. With the max they will come with the plane

Exactly! It will be the first time Boeing will ever produce it’s own winglets aside from the tiny things that the 737-300 got.

Now back on topic.

I love this livery, it is modern and fresh.


I beg that

Hitting this topic because I would very much like this livery in the IF. 😁🤞

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