EL AL Boeing 737-700

The plane left the service six months ago But still a good addition


It doesn’t look like a 737-700, more like a 737-600 too me.

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If you zoom in on the picture it says 737-700 at the back of the aircraft/


That’s really weird, because of the lack of winglets and the cockpit windows.

Does IF have Boeing 737-600?

The plane he was asleep most of EL AL

The plane was reported in 1999

No. But people still request liveries for aircraft which aren’t in infinite Flight


Never knew the -700 could be ordered without winglets

Copa Airlines ordered their first 737-700 without winglets, they were added later in Costa Rica.

You can order the NG series without winglets


I don’t know why you’d want to, but thanks.

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It’s cheaper. Better if you aren’t going to use the aircraft for long (since the fuel consumption would be higher). Eventually it would cost more to operate this than the price and fuel consumption of one with winglets.

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A 737 without winglets looks reallllllllllllly weird…


What about the cockpit windows, they look like their from a 737-600.

This is what they did in some of its planes to 800 of EL AL

The planes are 700 real but just not 800

No, that’s the same as every other type of 737

Picture is linked from Wikipedia, not uploaded

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