El Al B78X

Why do we have an El Al 787-10 in Infinite Flight when it has had 0 orders and 0 deliveries for El Al? It makes very little sense to me, maybe it was a concept a year or two ago, but has since been terminated. So I ask, why?

That isn’t true, there are orders for the -10 for El Al.

Hehe, no there aren’t. Never have been, and they probably won’t in the future.

It is there for the same reason this simulator is called Infinite Flight, the folks who make the liveries and this simulator wanted it there and like it that way. Very simple. Is this a needed topic, hardly.

So why did they waste time and money on a livery for an aircraft in which that combination is not in existence?

For the same reason you can ask such questions. It is a free world and they can choose to do what they like with THEIR product. Maybe PM them and ask such questions that bring no value to the forum next time.

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I dont know but they created the delta 788 too. they can do what they what they want as it is their simulator

When they made the 787 in 2016, the 787-10 was still very much a paper plane. So I’d assume there was some amount of guess work. There are other inaccuracies for the 787 such as the Delta -8 since Northwest had orders, and delta kept them for a while, then switched to the A350. I think things like this are part of the reason they waited so long with the A350…


Didn’t really think about this. The 787 has a Delta livery but they cancelled their orders and replaced them with another aircraft. Interesting.

Hello there, this is a duplicate topic. Please refrain from making another topic on the same subject as that just creates more unnecessary fluff on the IFC. Topic: El Al Boeing 787-10 Livery

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I think liveries take a lot of time and effort to make, so scrapping it for a minor inaccuracy would be a waste.

Well they could of just modified it for the 787-9

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I do not think it is that simple but at the same time we are not developers so we would not know

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