El Al 787 // Tel Aviv To Miami // Wingview

**2) Expert server // 11:46 // LLBG (TLV) to KMIA (MIA)

Background: City Of Tel Aviv - Boeing 787-10 (El Al Israel Airlines Livery)


Hey, that is a good picture but it against the rules of The screenshots and videos categories. The specific one is this one:

  • Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

To take your pictures please go to your replay > find the moment you want > click on the camera icon. That takes perfect pictures.

If not changed this topic will be closed under the rules

Hope this helps!


What a great shot! Hope that flights for LYVA!

Also, unfortunately your photo includes display names and boxes, and that violates the #screenshots-and-videos category guidelines. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your topic is closed.

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Thanks! I fixed it

Perfect! You are all good now.

Have a good day :)


Unfortunately, that flight couldn’t be for LYVA, because it would violate the LYVA guidelines. Because I am virtually in Larnaca, and I can’t go back to TLV with out flying another LYVA flight on a 738 to TLV, which I will do today.

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PM me in the Slack :)

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I will (4 months ago)

4 months later

*Sad Zac noises