EL AL 787 Livery Error

One of the very few errors that annoys me among the IF Fleet is the EL AL Dreamliners’ livery. While neither 787-8 nor 787-9 has EL AL liveries available, 787-10 does feature the airline despite this variant was never included in its fleet, nor in its order.

It would be great to see the EL AL livery removed from 787-10 and added to 787-8/9. (And if TLV/LLBG and ETM/LLER can ever be equipped with 3D views as well)

Other than the generic livery, EL AL also features some of the best special liveries too, including

In addition to the Dreamliners, imo EL AL also has one of the coolest airline liveries on a 772:


You can vote for the 777-200 livery here


You can vote for the 787-9 livery here.

Unfortunately special liveries are no longer allowed to be requested so I’ve linked the standard livery.


Good to see you’re wanting the EL AL liveries on the IF. Below are links to requests you can vote on. Unfortunately, there are no new additions of special and retro paints due to the new rules of the Features category, so I recommend that you only vote for the company’s standard liveries.

EL AL B777-200ER

EL AL B787-9

EL AL B737-800 (New livery)


Also, to point it out, the El Al 78X was put in Infinite Flight before El Al got any 787s in real life, hence why it’s on the 78X in the first place (believe they had ordered it at the time before switching it to the -9). IF switched this policy and no longer adds liveries for airlines that haven’t taken delivery of a plane yet so they can avoid getting topics like this. As others have said, plenty of feature requests available for the livery on other aircraft.


People vote for liveries to get added,IF doesn’t pick them same for airport where IF doesn’t make them members of the IFAET make them and special liveries aren’t Allowed
About the 78X IF sometimes does this for reasons maybe el Al originally ordered-10s

This is completely untrue - a lot of the top voted liveries have been confirmed for addition to the simulator in a future update.

You mean like this? 👀


Just did! Thanks

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It’s so beautiful that I can’t believe my eyes…

Looks like the E Concourse is included! Looking forward to the final product.

(I also wonder how Ramon Airport’s futuristic terminal will look like in a simulator)


You’d be surprised what we editors can do with what we have! There are multiple airports in the works that I am surprised by every time I visit.

An excellent example of this is KJFK and even KEWR.

I’m sorry for your miss understanding the reason was cause I didn’t put u comma I mean people vote for them, If doesn’t pick them

You mean like this?😅

Working on making Eilat 3D


יפה מאוד

אני גם מצפה לראות את הטרמינל


On final stages of 2D work before starting the 3D

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Finally someone spoke my thoughts

@Aviatoranas @Zachary @RazPeleg7 I have always hoped that Israeli users on IF can bundle together and push more EL AL/Israel-related votes up into public attention. There are quite a few of us, but voices haven’t been strong enough.


I’m ready to go further for votes.

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