El Al 787-9 - Retro Livery

Can we get more for this it wld be the most freesh looking livery in IF
And it wld help out El Al VA alot

I hope this plane makes IF in the next update

    1. Would u want to see this plane in IF
    1. Would not want to see it in IF

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We haven’t gotten votes in a while…

This would be nice, but we need the current El Al livery on the 787-9 first, don’t you think?


Yes I agree

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Here u r

Can y’all pls vote this in?

I wonder if this will come with 19.2

It would be gr8 im rlly hoping so as IF does not have (alot of) retro livery

Wow! A great livery. I just saw this aircraft in JFK last week, and freed up a vote. Hope to see this beautiful retro livery in the sim.


You have my last vote! I would really enjoy flying this plane

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Ya was very annoyed I was flying to and from Israel on 789s both times was hoping to get this special livery and struck out both times

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my picture Landing in Ben Gurion


Wow that’s rlly nice

Very cool livery to the 787-9


What a livery!
I think I need to clear a vote for this…

Most definitely got my vote :)


We need this!

When you forget Marc use to be a normal user

Giving this a little boost! We need to see this in the upcoming update👀

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