El Al 787-9 - Retro Livery

Well, normally I don’t request a livery as a feature. But this one is truly extraordinary.

A 787-9 with a Retro Livery. I love this kind of retro stuff and I’m a big fan of each and every retro livery. And to have one on the 787-9 is gorgeous.

Why does it need to be in the game? It’s a retro livery. We don’t have enough of them!

And maybe you guys like it as well.


Fyi, I didn’t forget to vote for my own suggestion. It’s just that I’m out of votes ;)

that would be so nice we need more stuff like this

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It would be a good idea to put some more info. about that beautiful livery in your request. ;)

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I really want him to add It’s the only 787 retro


We don’t have a lot more info yet. That picture was released one or two days ago. The paint is still wet. :)


I absolutely love this and want to see this! + 1 vote!

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This would be awesome 👌🏼

Luv this one
I hope to fly this in IF real soon


Stunning livery

Plsss vote 4 this one
(And the LY 744)

Stunning livery! Beautiful aircraft!

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All for more retro liveries!

Such a nice livery I’m flying KJFK-LLBG in July got my fingers crossed that I’ll go on this beauty

Hey guys I’m in El Al VA and it wld rlly help the VA if this plane would get voted in
(U saw what I did there)#AD #ElAlVA

We haven’t got any votes in a whiled

I’m in full support of this! Neat looking aircraft. 👍

Can we get more for this it wld be the most freesh looking livery in IF
And it wld help out El Al VA alot

I hope this plane makes IF in the next update

    1. Would u want to see this plane in IF
    1. Would not want to see it in IF

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We haven’t gotten votes in a while…

This would be nice, but we need the current El Al livery on the 787-9 first, don’t you think?