EL AL 787-9 livery Jerusalem of Gold

The 787-9 Latest of EL AL 12 of 12 The plane was painted on the famous song about Jerusalem In three months, the four 787-8 aircraft will also arrive The plane joined the retro And livrey’s lines to San Francisco and Las Vegas

The pictures were taken by EL AL
EL AL 787-9 retro livery

EL AL 787-9 Las Vargas and San Francisco

Link to Jerusalem of Gold song

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I just saw this on EL AL’s Instagram, I thought it was beautiful and livery’s name is strong. I would love to see this in IF.

This is a Gorg livery vote this in guys

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Beautiful livery on a beautiful plane for a beautiful country my bro has the Gemini 1/400 model of this plane

I’ve seen you bump multiple El Al threads, while you are showing support, it’s not really necessary. This thread specifically is a year old and you could’ve requested it to be closed for you to make a new one.

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Showing a lot of support for what you want is great but I’ve been looking and you have been going off which just expect a few of these things to come in the near future.

Just as much as you a few of these I would love in the game so maybe try to go after a few livery’s that’s are your favorite which I believe gives you better odds of getting one in the game.

But it’s just my humble opinion, do what you would like to do and enjoy yourself on the IFC 😉

@DeltaFox OK understood I guess my favorite are the 787 regular,787 retro ,777-200,747,757 and Jerusalem of Gold

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We just so happen to like this livery… not sure why 🤔 - ZP

What a beautiful livery 🤩, you’ve my vote. Israel’s flag airline should get a lot more attention.💪🏼

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OH YEAH! Got my vote! I do think I need to go vote the others also.

Btw I speak Hebrew so I understand all of the lyrics in the song!

So do I me and my brother actually have the plane model


Would be really cool if we got the EL AL 757 777 or Both on Hanukkah Sukkot or Rosh Hashanah

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It would be cool on Hanukkah. #IFhanukkahpresent

We’re confident that the devs have our backs’. 💪- ZF

I don’t know what it is but I just love El Al liveries