El Al 777-200

I would love to see this beautiful plane flying around in IF.And My reasoning for why this livery should be added is because of its beautiful color skeme and Also it would allow more people to do long haul flights to and from Israel that are operated by this aircraft.image

Will you add more information such as what do you think about the livery, how will it be useful in IF, why do you like it, etc…


Add some flavor into your features request. Way too bland tbh

Take a look here. This should provide further assistance:

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Sure guys ill add it

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Adding to what @Delta_Alpha_Lima said, you should also check this topic.

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You have my vote! I really like this company, the colors really are very well worked, and like the El Al 747-400, this plane does a certain lack for certain routes.

I don’t believe that them will add this livery…
People don’t vote for this…
The same with other aircrafts with ElAl livery(747/767)…
Thanks for adding 787-10 ElAl at least.

Voted! Nice livery for update 777.