EL AL 767 Livery

The 767 is one of the most iconic widebody aircraft in the skies sadly they’re being retired more and more. One livery that looks really good on it is the flag carrier of the Jewish State EL AL livery looks great with the wheel tilt and design of the 767 please feel free to vote

I believe this a duplicate. I’m not sure though because the livery or variant may be slightly different.


The last post on that was in 2019…

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Darn I looked and couldn’t find anything

Well, you can get the mods to close the last one, it’s pretty old and only has 3 votes.

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I’m sure whenever they fix up the 767 they will add it! But until then…

Everybody said that with the 777-200 for EL AL and we don’t have it


Dang, maybe IF will make it up and put it in for this livery. But you never what those guys are gonna do.


nice post you have here!!! don’t forget to vote for yourself!!

a little thing I want to add though, I understand your a bit annoyed that the EL AL 777 wasn’t added, but actually there was a lot of highly requested liveries that were not added In the initial release for example the ANA 77W, it wasn’t added until a couple of months later from the B777 rework, what im trying to say is that you got to be patient and vote for the livery that you want because that’s what help developers choose what livery to add next, and im sure they are not going to miss on such a nice livery ;)

Have a nice day!!!

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Would vote but I’m voting currently for a few A330 liveries until the rework comes out they are American Iberia KLM and Virgin Atlantic
I am out of votes

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OK I just hope that we get the 787-9 777-200 757 787 retro and 787 Jerusalem of Gold

I hope so too, EL AL has one of the best looking Liveries out there , voting for them is the only way you will be able to have them at the sim ;)

Hey, i think you need to talk with the creator of this topic or with a Moderator to close the previous one and create a New one.

Fine if we get the 787,747,and 767 after reworks but I really hope we get the 757 and 777 as those planes just got a rework

I already flagged for moderation

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Can you please vote for the Israeli Air Force F-16 request that I made

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remember to use the search feature to make sure there’s no duplicate and always ask moderators to close the old one before making a new one.

Has this moderator already released you to create this new topic?

No I did it after I created it but it is like two years old it has like no votes

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Sorry but i’m out of votes, i have voted for a few A330 liveries.