El Al 747-200

The classic El Al livery on the 747-200 is one of my favourites I think all in all it would make a nice addition to the 742


I would rather have modern el al on -400

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I’m not the biggest fan of the current El-Al livery, I find it a bit dull.

On the other hand, I’m not too much of a fan of classic looking liveries such as the -200 but I agree, the new livery is slightly dull

Can we settle this. This specifically is about the 747-200, not the 747-400. Although I would personally have both. Please focus on the 747-200.

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love classic liveries, more El Al liveries.
(not my photo)

I think that would be a great idea, especially in Memory of el al 1862 (a cargo jet) but maybe we could add both the commercial and cargo versions

The one that crashed in Amsterdam, into a residential complex?

That’s the one. There’s actually a good air crash investigation of it.

I love both liveries… They’re equally beautiful! יפה! (Beautiful!)

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@liad747 Damn what’s with me forgetting to search for duplicates again lol

Bringing you to this one :)

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We have the IR 742 so we can probably get this in.