El Al 737-900 at JFK!

This afternoon around 5:45 a 737-990ER in El Al colors landed on 22L at JFK! It was flying in from Boeing Field so it is probably en route to Tel Aviv!


Did you get a picture? I won’t believe it until I see it (Live on Long Island)

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Unfortunatly no, the weather is horrible at the moment…😪

It won’t load…

I think you uploaded the post before the pcture was done

Oh yeah. I just looked out my window.

That was probably it


there ya go!

Huh. Is it at Terminal 4 right now?

most likely yes

It’s also the last aircraft delivered to EL AL 737-900ER

How do you know?

6 use of these aircraft and that the last aircraft of this model EL AL


Look at the pic it’s an old B737

No actually. It’s Boeing House Colours.

Yeh the old Boeing house colours.

When the plane passed over it actually had the El Al livery painted on it too.

FR24 haven’t updated the House colours.

Yes they have.