El Al 21 | A Golden Summer Sunset in the Sin City

Tel Aviv to Las Vegas

I haven’t flown the 787 in a while, so I really wanted to fly and post it because I think it is tied with the 757 for being the greatest airplane ever, it’s curves are amazing and every livery looks great on it. Originally I was flying Dallas to Madrid with American, but the stupid hurricane knocked out my power and crashed my game so I won’t be able to post that for a little while. @Ur_Friendly_Approach gave me the idea to fly an El Al flight, and considering they fly the 787 it was the perfect fit. I thought about flying to New York, Miami or San Francisco but I settled on Las Vegas. I haven’t flown into Vegas in a while but I knew the sunset approach would be stunning. I left Tel Aviv in the early afternoon which times my arrival in Vegas for a golden summer sunset. I think El Al’s livery fits on the 787 very well, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Recently I feel like the quality of my posts have been dropping, but I think this one turned out well. Fight time was 13 hours and 47 minutes.

Flight Details

Tel Aviv to Las Vegas
El Al 21 Heavy
Boeing 787-10
@Philippe_Gilbert @JulianB

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Climbing into the cloudy early afternoon sky of Tel Aviv as the gear go into their well

Crossing the Israeli coast as the wings flex on departure

After flying over Europe and the bland Atlantic, the views get interesting over the hundreds of rivers and tributaries of Quebec

The foggy Rocky Mountains appear after crossing the continental shelf

The amazingly powerful 787 engines overshadow the Rockies as we fly west at 40,000 feet

Turning toward Vegas in the Golden Hour sunlight

El Al 21 Heavy Cleared to land Runway 26R. On final in the vibrant summer hues of the sunset

Buttering in the Sin City! On the ground in Vegas after almost 14 hours.

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

How many hotel rooms are in all of Las Vegas?

  • 45,500
  • 90,340
  • 105,120

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The answer to the last question was Pools which 70% got correct!


Great photos! Although it is more than 105k hotel rooms in Las Vegas

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A topic with two wing shots, a great sunset and a Dreamliner?! You can’t go wrong here, can you ;)

Some really great edits as well, thank you very much for sharing!


The wing shots though! Oh mah god they are amazing, great work!


Those wing shots were insanely beautiful. I love the shot over the Rockies. That landing into KLAS was beautiful as well

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Yes. This is what I like


@Elefanths thanks! I just listen to what google gives me 😂

@JulianB thanks Julian! I always love sunsets in the deserts for some reason, and those engines on the Dreamliner make them my favorite wing shots there are!

@Tsumia thanks! I was happy with them too, the Rocky Mountains are always good 🥵

@andyyy thanks! I’ve flown into Vegas a few times at sunset and it’s always been amazing

@Ur_Friendly_Approach thanks for the idea, I wouldn’t have tried this flight but I definitely want it fly it again


Amazing shots! 😱😍 I love the foggy Rocky Mountains!

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Because they are just amazing?! ;)

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Love it! The shots are perfect! Thanks for flying El Al! 😊

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Great photos! The El Al 787 looks so great, especially with that sunset.


@Pilot_Waters thanks it was amazing!

@Z-Tube I love El Al’s livery! Especially on the 787

@anon38496261 it might be my favorite airline/aircraft combo, and thanks! The sunset was awesomeeeeee


Wow, there’s something about the foggy shots that look so cool, and you make them look even better!


I always love foggy mountain shots! They look great as long as the mountains are y’all enough

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Nice pics, the 787 is such a good aircraft :)

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you have summoned @ItsBlitz

thy not ONE person shall land 26R


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Lovely pictures! @NoahM

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Brilliant photos

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@Vishark107 it is, I love the 787 so much

@Kamryn uh oh. I just didn’t want a long taxi to the gate 😂

Thank you! @Vortex @CaptainHugh

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really nice shots!

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