EKCH from the tower

Today I did a tower/ground session at Copenhagen, one of my personal favorite airports to control. I sadly had to go right before Dan landed on his stream, but there was a lot of traffic either way. In the start I ran out of sequencing numbers for 22L and had to send 3 or 4 aircraft to 22R to allow everyone to land in a timely manner.

Big shout out to all the controllers that where controlling with me!


Airport: EKCH
Positions staffed: Tower, Ground and ATIS
Duration: ~ 2 hours
Runways in use:
22R mostly for departures, only a few arrivals
22L mostly for arrivals, but a few departures

Here’s a few pictures from my session:

DHL 777 departing 22L with other traffic waiting to depart on 22R

SAS A350 loading up for a flight to LAX

Quite a long line waiting to depart from 22R

A view of some of the planes I controlled during my session, not all where included due to 2 separate replays and my iPad limits

Thanks for viewing my topic all feedback will be appreciated


Lovely, I wish I had taken the time to fly there :)
<3 CPH <3


Yeah CPH is definitely one of my favorites


Oo thanks for the ATC service

No worries, thanks for comming!

Awesome Controlling today, loved every bit of it! Thanks for allowing me to land on 22R!

names it “EKCH from the tower”

uploads from the ground

jokes aside awesome pics!

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Haha lol, it was a cool pic. Thanks!

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Even tho its really unrealistic its pretty cool to land on 22R. You get to fly over the whole terminal

You did a great job! :) I felt good handled and could departure and arrive in time

Service 10/10
Handling 10/10
Overview 10/10

awesome thanks! It was really busy at one point like i ran out of sequencing numbers lol

Should’ve used RW12 then as well jkjk haha

Rw 12 is only used if its more than 15 kts crosswind

Oh that’s interesting, would’ve been thrilling to see all the traffic go via rw 12

yeah, ive rarely seen traffic use 12/30

The conditions are just too good to use it… what a shame lol

well yeah, and traffic flow is much better out of the other runways

That is true! It’s more usefull to have two rws and besides the other two are longer too if I’m not mistaken

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12 I think is around 8000 feet long