EKCH disaster - apologies!

Hi there,
I apologize to the ATC at EKCH a few hours ago for a miserable bounce on 04R… i had a troubled approach, before realizing that I had no pitch control whatsoever… soooooo embarrassing, deeply sorry for the awfull show!
I have restarted my phone and done a test on solo. Pb solved!


Feels Badi saw it😖🛸🛸

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Thanks for not laughing! 😉

I didn’t laugh as most of my landings consist of 5-6 bounces before the go around bc I can’t stop in time :)

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My bounce ended up at 50 ft!
Going around is good pilot habit, good job! Sadly I could not.

Oooof unlucky mate

I can barley take off a tbm let alone land it lol

TBM is easy to TO though. 90% throttle, TO flaps, gentle pull and off you go!
Pull the flaps at 125kt and let it take speed before climbing more.
Landing is more difficult, but with practice you will manage!

Hey, no problem! We all make mistakes sometimes!

You can use this experience to learn, and get better at flying. It’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you use them to your advantage, learn what you did wrong, and change to be better than ever!

Hey! As people have said learn from your mistake but don’t worry about the controllers.
Us ATC are making sure that the airspace is safe and directing aircraft. as long as you didn’t interfere with anyone don’t worry!
Most of the time we’re far too busy to be judging peoples landings :)

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