Hey all, I noticed a SID error at EKBI it shows that the MIKR5A SID is put down as the MIKR4A in the game. It’s just a minor error and I felt that it was worth noting. I didn’t know who to message or what to do so that’s why I made a topic.

Images below:

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This is not an issue with the app, so it doesn’t belong in #support.

Infinite Flight uses data from NAVBLUE, which is generally correct in their data. IF can’t do anything about this, unfortunately.

Not sure if IF can change the names of the SID. That would be the only fix.


They can change and modify some of the data as far as I know. Pretty sure they’ve changed or tweaked some data before to make it accurate.

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As I have encountered a similar issue recently with changes procedures in EDDH (according to some online charts) I belobe this is caused by the procedure being updated by the ATC service of the country.

The old procedure (still in IF) is MIKR4A and the new one MIKR5A. The changes made to it are most likely minor (adding a waypoint, changing from VOR based to waypoints only, …), hence I would recommend using the IF procedures for the time being.
I am unfortunately unsure if (and if yes how often) the procedures are updated in IF, but if they are this should be fixed when the next update is uploaded.

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Navigation updates are provided monthly along with IFAET airport improvements.

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Thanks for the information @AnomalyWaffle! So this issue will probably be fixed with the next update if I understand correctly.

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