Ek25 OMDB-EGPF a few shots, a little information and a video.

Hello IFC. How is your day today? I hope its goeing well.

On the 18th October 2019 I flew on the Boeing 777-300ER from Dubai to my home airport of Glasgow. OMDB-LFPG. The flight was just over 7 hrs 30mins so not to bad. I got seat 42J, so behind the wing. There was a 47 minute delaye because of a presurisation warning in the cockpit. Engeners finally signed the plane of and we were of. 47 mins behind schedule. We made up some time but not all of it. We crused at 37,000Ft. On final to Glasgow it was raining, and that’s what you see in the second part of the video. The landing was realy soft and nice.


Not 100% sure of the flight time, around that.

I have a few pics.

At stand in Dubai.

At cruse.

I put together a little video.

Thanks for stopping. Have a realy good day.

  • I have been to Glasgow
  • I have never been to Glasgow
  • I have been to Dubai
  • I have never been to Dubai

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So it says you flew to Glasgow in your description but the title says you flew to Paris?

Is it Glasgow or Paris you flew to.

But on the otherhand:

Really nice report!

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Oh my gosh, I mixed up the airport codes. I’m of to make a new thumblale for the video.

Glasgow my home airport

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Thanks so much @BennyBoy_Alpha, I fixed itπŸ‘

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