EK161 from Dubai (DXB) to Dublin (DUB)!

Hey guys,
Today I flew Emirates flight 161 from OMDB to EIDW and took some photos along the way. Enjoy!
Server - expert
Aircraft - Emirates 777-300ER
Route - OMDB-EIDW.

Departure from Dubai

Over Kuwait

Over Istanbul, heading into Europe

The ever-glorious Alps.

Approaching the south coast of England.

Over the Blanchardstown area on final to Runway 10 at EIDW.

On stand after 7 hours and 14 minutes in the air.
I hope you enjoyed these photos and feedback is appreciated! Let me know which is your favorite.


Guys this flight marked my first ever flight as Grade 4, forgot to mention that.

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how many grade in IF?? 2 days playing the game reach grade 2. soon reach grade 3. only my xp need to gain…

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Nice pictures as always Hugh, congrats on reaching grade four:)

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Well, you need a certain amount of XP, landings, and violation/landing ratio. Once you get that you will be grade 4. Just keep playing the game, don’t get violations, you’ll get there eventually. As to how you can get there : I suggest you do long hauls if you want XP. For example EGLL-KORD, EIDW-KMIA, YPPH-EGLL or the big boy WSSS-KEWR. These will get you XP fast.

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Thanks Rian!