EK05 | Dubai - London | A380-800

Goood day Aviators!

Medium haul today, hop from Dubai to London which I really enjoyed because of the amazing views and the scenery infinite flight had throughout the route (also real life). Hope you guys had a good day, enjoy the flight details and photos!

Here are the flight details of Emirates EK05…

7 hours 5 minute Flight

Dubai - Gate A23
London - Terminal 3 Gate 305

Departure Time - 3:45 PM GMT+4
Arrival Time - 8:04 PM BST

Souls on board - Full Flight
Fuel on board - 10 hours flight time

Flight Process - Nonstop

Departing out of beautiful Dubai!

Amazing views over the Persian Gulf!

Arrival into London Heathrow International Airport!


What type of flights would you guys like to see more of? Let me know!

Take care, aviators! ✈️


Hey, an you try Paris to Singapore?

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Crazy to think Emirates operate 8x daily flights full to LHR 🤯

Beautiful pictures !


Yeah man, it’s a very busy route!

That sounds pretty cool! Airline though?

Air France

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Great taste in airline! Sure will make this flight come up hopefully after my Cathay Pacific IF flight!

Nice photos!