Ejection seats in Fighter Jets

Ejection seats are a mainstay in modern fighter jets they have saved Countless lives.
The way they work is that when the pilot pulls the handles It both fires the canopy off and launch is the seat into the air with an attached raft and parachute to safely bring the pilot down I would love to see this feature in the simulators fighter jets and Hopefully in the future the US bombers
Here are some of the aircraft that use ejection seats that are currently in the US Air Force
and the B-2
This is a modern safety feature in most military aircraft that has saved the lives of many pilots

First of all, charge your device sir. Second of all, and I don’t intend to bash you as this is just my opinion, I don’t see this coming to Infinite Flight for a few reasons.

The amount of work and time taken to develop a feature like this greatly surpasses how useful it would be if it were implemented. Users would takeoff just to eject out of a perfectly fine aircraft. Would the aircraft just fall to the Earth and crash? What would happen when you reach the ground? Would you just walk away? I don’t see this coming, but best of luck to you with this request.


There’s been plenty of times especially find the F 18 that I lost control and was hoping they would’ve been an ejection seat in my ideas once you land it automatically shuts off the flight

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The things that I think straight away are:

• How will this be simulated in game? How would this work with the camera views? Aircraft are one ‘object’ which when being developed, doesn’t have parts that are designed to fly off and separate onto their own physics and view.

• How will this affect the servers? How many trolls will do this? How will all these flying things around sync with everyone playing across the globe?

• When would this need to be used in game? Crashes aren’t simulated and don’t plan to be. Infinite Flight avoids any style of ‘graphic’ combat, from gun shots to missiles and the such etc. Also doing so would just wreck your flight. You wouldn’t be able to continue after ejecting. It would become less of a flight simulator and more a ejected-couch-potato simulator.


Yeah. I agree with @Ecoops123. Imagine EGLL TS.

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Well maybe if it was designed so that you could notEject unless there is actually a problem such as stalling or loss of fuel

I feel like there are other ways to better the military future of the sim, which you said was I priority in your past two topics.

There is:

  • Live Cockpits (see individual aircraft rework threads)
  • Afterburners (see individual aircraft rework threads)
  • Physics (see indivi- you get the point)

Some other ideas are aircraft carriers, or more aircraft.

I don’t know if I would vote for this, but good luck with it. 🍀

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Ah yes. Cause GAF would DEFINITELY approve of this