EIVA006, on final runway 34 at Zurich Airport

My Weekly Screenshots! - Shamrock, On Final Runway 34 at LSZH. ☘️

Welcome to Switzerland! 🇨🇭

While the Christmas month has started, I have decided to hop into Zürich, which includes beautiful scenery and professional IFATC Airspace. It was a nice flight! I have tested out 3D images using Google Earth, and I look to like it.

Flight Details:

Flight Number: EI342
Time: Noon, 1300Z December 5th.

I hope you have enjoyed! I’ll see you guys next week. (Hopefully). ☘️


Wow! I’ve been thinking about google earth scenery edits in IF. You did an amazing job, love the way you combined both!


I believe this blends in better, since you may imagine the scenery is simulated or loaded. Just my opinion.

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What… beautiful…

Can you teach me how to do that? That’s Impressive!

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It’s basically cutting off scenery from Google Earth and adding it into the image. Make sure the image is taken on the very same angle as the picture. I use Adobe mix to do the job.

You deserve an award for this, awesome job!

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Thank you, butterboi !

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I respect the effort 👌👏

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Happy birthday by the way!

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I love that route. I flew it for BAVA because BAVA has a codeshare with Aer Lingus. I also love the 3D buildings. I would love to see you do this for every flight as it looks so much more real than what is really present. But I would like to know, how did you take the 3D buildings from Google Earth and put them in a IF screenshot?

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Oh I love the Google Earth 3d buildings I might just try to make one like this!

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Nice edit, but it looks like it’s out of proportion.
I’ve never been to Zurich before, but I don’t tink the trees on the left are the same size as the terminal buildings… (or even higher)

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I thought this was a hilarious idea in the first place, but this reminds me of any map scenery loaded in a flight simulator. It’s easy to edit and this doesn’t look bad at all. 👍


The edit was attempted to combine both screenshots including the very same angle. Hardest part really.

Infinite Flight:

Google Earth:


That is freaking amazing. Now, imagine Infinite Flight if every airport had at least some sort of 3D buildings (even if it’s just the downtown part of a city)

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Don’t know how I didn’t see this topic… but that’s an amazing edit!

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Stunning Kuba!

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