EIVA flight 822 EICK-LFPG

Hello to you wherever you are in the world. I hope that you are safe and healthy. Today I flew from Cork (my home airport) to Paris Charles De Gaulle airport.

Flight details

Aircraft:Airbus A320
Livery: Aer Lingus livery
Route: ORK-CDG
Flight number: EI822
Flight time: 1hr 27 mins
Server: Expert

The first photo is just after rotation out of Corks Runway 34. I put the time on sunset for this screenshot (no I didn’t use full flaps, a glitch in the replay for some reason)

The second and last screenshot for today is me on final to Paris’ Runway 27L. I did a -95 right on the 1000ft marks

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
I just want to thank @AerLingusVA for this opportunity. It is a great VA. I really enjoy flying for them
Thanks for viewing


That first picture tho… 😍☘


Thanks Jack!

Amazing stuff right there!


Thanks Tristan

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That’s awesome, nice work!

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Thanks @TRDubh

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Nice work! I can’t tell which pic is my favorite. I love being able to see the entire runway in a shot, and the taxiways are, well, interesting. But, the first one has great light and a nice perspective.

Those taxiways in the 2nd photo look like a maze! :)

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Thanks very much. Yes the taxiways are strange. I had to go on one all around the airport instead of a link straight through. Definitely confusing. Thanks for the nice comments!

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