Eilat Ramon Airport

Eilat Ramon Airport (LLER), is opening this autumn. I ask Airport Editing Team, will this airport be added as soon as it opens? Or will it take some time to add it?


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How big of airplane can this airport hold?

Also, you must be TL2 (Member) or higher to post in #real-world-aviation

For now 2 Million with 1 rwy, on the 2nd phase, in around 5 yrs, 6-10 million with 2 rwys

Well, its not for real world aviation, its about if its gonna be added to IF

I think you can PM someone from the editing team.

For some reason, I keep having a hunch that this is #features then.

EDIT: NVM, don’t PM XD

This isn’t a #features request so do not post there, the Airport Editing team is doing their best to rework and add airports. I’m sure they will get to this in time.

Yeah, lets see… even tho, its gonna be awesome for me to fly on the Negev, and arrive to a brand new airport

Wow, the design looks very nice. Hopefully the IFAE team will get on it.

Good, thank you for the info!

Also, you didn’t answer my question:

What is the biggest plane this airport can handle?

a380, maybe even the an225, 2 yrs ago they reinforced the runway to hold em

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If someone/you is interested and they edit it by May 22, it’ll be added in the next update.

Else, it’ll be added when someone is interested or when global priority 2 is over.

Either way, it’s gonna take a while.

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Good, thank you for responding sure i will add it